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To My Chicken, Whom I Prayed So Hard For: Guest Post

"When I found out I was pregnant with our third baby, I prayed and prayed every single day that it was a girl."

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My children aren’t perfect- and I don’t want them to be — Mom of three and a Fire Wife

I have three children ages 17 months, almost 4 and just turned 9. Not one of them is perfect. They are messy, they are sassy and mouthy to myself and each other. They hardly every clean up after themselves and most often than not, they forget to say please and thank you. My children aren’t […]… Continue reading My children aren’t perfect- and I don’t want them to be — Mom of three and a Fire Wife

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An Open Letter to My Daughter’s First Love: Guest Post

"I am ready to be my daughters biggest advocate and her greatest defender. "

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Motherhood and Mental Illness; Opening Up During Suicide Prevention Month

Motherhood and Mental Illness; Opening Up During Suicide Prevention Month — Read on

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Preparing for Baby: How We Put Together Our Nursery for Less than $500

Some GREAT ideas for putting together a nursery on a budget!

Hello Brownlow

Preparing for your bun in the oven sounds very expensive and daunting. It gets even more expensive when friends and family tell you that they swear by this really random, not so cost effective item. What if there was a way you could put together your entire nursery for $500 or less?

How we put together our nursery for less than $500disclaimer

When we found out that we were pregnant for the second time (and this time it had stuck), we were thrilled beyond measure! and then stressed into infinity. How were we going to pay for this? What about hospital bills? Would I keep working? What about daycare? And DIAPERS!? So many diapers!

That’s probably every pregnant lady’s thought stream after that first ultrasound. It wasn’t that we didn’t have the money to spend on our pending addition. It was the fact that we knew just how expensive it could be to outfit and rig up a nursery to…

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Some of The Motherhood Phrases That I Hate! — Mother by Nature Blog

1.) You’ll bounce right back: Okay.. this 👏🏼 statement 👏🏼 is👏🏼 not 👏🏼 okay👏🏼 as a women in today’s society you should know that there is some serious pressure to “bounce back”.. to look like you’ve never even been pregnant.. like you didn’t build a human being FROM SCRATCH in your uterus.. this phrase is […]… Continue reading Some of The Motherhood Phrases That I Hate! — Mother by Nature Blog

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Finding ways to focus on your blog?

All great advice!! I find myself using these same ideas to create content for my page as well!


One of your goals is to outline a blog post, within a few hours it is still incomplete? Your despite and your intention and effort were pure to complete that a hand? You are finding yourself off task again and again?

It seems like staying focus was harder than you think. Having the focus for a purpose, it definitely makes it so much easier.

When you are new blogger, sometime you are bombarded with so many emails from other bloggers, even Facebook groups, family and learning what the work requirements are.

Blogging can be tough some time, but you can definitely be getting the job done. You are learning so many new skills that take time to master.

These skills definitely take time to understand because you are learning everything knew all at once. So many factors that could distract you from writing wonderful content.

And creating your WordPress website…

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Our Bodies After Baby

Messy Mama

It’s amazing how much your body changes during and after pregnancy. I had heard all the hype about these changes, but I did not take them too seriously, after all, the media has set an unrealistic vision of how our bodies can and should look after baby. Bouncing back is the hot topic post baby. It’s in all the magazines and Instagram posts. “Look how amazing her body looks after baby.” I figured if all of these women could do it than how hard could it possibly be.
News flash: It’s fricken hard!
I had been an avid runner before baby. Imagine my excitement when I learned I could continue to run through out my pregnancy. That was my strategy, keep up my running during pregnancy and “bouncing back” would be no sweat after baby. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


Realistically, this was unattainable. Every woman is different when it comes to…

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