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Feeling Inadequate in Motherhood


Imagine a dream job you wanted, yearned, even ached for. You’ve tried to get this job for quite some time, but begin to lose hope you’ll ever get it.

Then, one day, you get a call. A glorious, out-of-the-blue call. That’s right, you got the job!

You are shocked, but overjoyed with the news. You’re nervous for the new journey, but you feel ready and confident to take the leap.

As you begin the job, you realize it is far more demanding than you ever imagined. Of course, you knew going into it there would be challenges, but they now seem beyond your capabilities.

The confidence you once had has nearly diminished. You doubt yourself daily, maybe even hourly. You start to question why you were chosen for this job.

This was my experience after adopting our darling daughter, Brynn. I wanted to be a mother as long as I…

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Finding the Mother My Children Need When All I Want To Do Is Scream

I wasn't ready to be a mother, and because of that I haven't always been the mother my children need. Most recently, I found myself lost without a clue what to do when my oldest had a major meltdown, allowing her possessive jealousy to get the best of her. … I needed a second to breath, to stop shaking. If there was a solution I wasn't going to find it burried under emotional outbursts. Only with calm, clear intention.

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Parenting With Addiction: Accepting Truths Without Judgement

You have to look at the people who have overcome these lifestyles. Those same people understand the harshness and hardships that only the victims and abusers who struggle with such vileness can. They can tell you how an addicts thinks, how they map their thoughts all out in their heads, connecting lies to truth and covering tracks.

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They said that comparison is the thief of all joy – they were right.

One of my all-time biggest pet peeves is when my husband pulls the comparison card on me, especially when it comes to parenting. I love him with everything that I am, but in the moment that he starts in on “so and so does it this way, and said that we’re doing this wrong”, I think my brain just explodes, all reason leaves the room and I turn into a shrieking deranged harpy. I’m actually legitimately scared he’ll video tape my reaction one day, for posterity’s sake, and force me to watch it before he tucks it away for future generations of husbands as a cautionary tale on what marriage is truly like.  See honey, I know I’m crazy!

But what I’ve come to realize very recently, you know in my moments of deep self-reflection (usually when I have three seconds to pee by myself before my toddler bursts into the bathroom), is that I think I react this…

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Miscarriage and Dismay

They Say "Tell Me About It" But there are no words colorful enough Closing my eyes desperate to pray away the pain Holding onto hope in the midst of this daunting strain

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You May Know What You’re Doing, But Do You Know Why?

Without a proper grasp of my own awareness I quickly become consumed by self-doubt and eventually give into the familiar fear of worthlessness. Never before have I come across an exercise that actually helped me snap out this damaging cycle.

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Social Media Breaks Versus Moderation

However, looking back I feel like my issue isn't about taking breaks so much as it is about consistent moderation versus excessive use.

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Anxious Toddlers & Low-Key is Birthdays

My daughter will be turning 2 on the 25th. I’m mystified that my baby is growing so quickly. She woke up last week and just started opening doors and saying full blown sentences. With her big day approaching, we had to make a decision on a whether or not to have a party.

We had a party for her 1st birthday. We set up Peppa Pig balloons and decorations at a local community center, and a good amount of people and kids showed up to celebrate our little girl. I quickly noticed how uncomfortable she was. She would only let 2 or 3 people interact with her, and she didn’t smile much. She just seemed very nervous.

I knew she wasn’t a big fan of people, but it wasn’t until the party that I considered that she could have anxiety. My son has shown a fair amount of signs anxiety…

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He Must Like Her, You Know How Boys Will Be Boys!

...he was most likely taught all about the golden rule 'treat others as you would wish to be treated' but it was muffled by the sound of his fathers laugh as he spit out, "Oh well, boys will be boys."

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15 Simple Cleaning Hacks

15 Simple Cleaning Hacks For Busy Parents Easy ways to stay ahead of the chaos and keep your home looking presentable. One thing we are all familiar with (some of us too well) is how quickly the littlest household tasks can pile up. From keeping up with unused items lying around to finally tackling that… Continue reading 15 Simple Cleaning Hacks