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Our Top 5 Favorite Early Learning Supplies

If you are looking into homeschooling, already well on your way or just wondering what other Mamas are buying on the regular; here are some of our favorites...

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Passionate Creator Award

Rules for the Award: Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. Nominate at least 3 other bloggers who have helped you make your way in the blogging community. List 5 things that made becoming a blogger possible for you and/or anything you would recommend to others. List 5 things you wish you had known before you started that might help others looking to create a web-page.

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To My Chicken, Whom I Prayed So Hard For: Guest Post

"When I found out I was pregnant with our third baby, I prayed and prayed every single day that it was a girl."

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What Do You Tell the Mother that was Never There?

All my life, as long as I can remember, my mother was 'the bad guy.'

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All My Favorite Memories

A Poem For My Babies

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My children aren’t perfect- and I don’t want them to be — Mom of three and a Fire Wife

I have three children ages 17 months, almost 4 and just turned 9. Not one of them is perfect. They are messy, they are sassy and mouthy to myself and each other. They hardly every clean up after themselves and most often than not, they forget to say please and thank you. My children aren’t […]… Continue reading My children aren’t perfect- and I don’t want them to be — Mom of three and a Fire Wife

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Our Failed Daycare Experience

I don't want to leave any of you with the feeling that daycare needs to be avoided like the plague, nor do I personally take this potion. All of the signs were there in my case, for others that may or may not be the same, but either way there are very amazing child care services out there.

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A Breastfeeding Mother’s Note to the Bottle or Formula Feeding Mama

As well as being successful, I have also failed at breastfeeding. I have given up, only to find myself returning to the task in hopes of prevailing through the stress with vigor and angst.

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An Open Letter to My Daughter’s First Love: Guest Post

"I am ready to be my daughters biggest advocate and her greatest defender. "

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Sunshine Blogger Award

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