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Hello readers,

Welcome to my little slice of the world wide web! I am so happy to have you on this journey with me.

About the Blog

This is a parenting blog geared towards stay-at-home and/or homeschooling Mamas. I share my experiences with parenting, homeschooling and life as a busy mother in hopes that I can help make things a little easier for other Moms (or Dads!)

You can check out one of our favorite lesson plans here or read about why I will never regret becoming a stay-at-home mama here.

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

About the Writer

My name is Kiersty, I have a weakness for pasta and pride myself on being a research addict. I spent almost a decade creating a career in the hospitality and tourism industry before I decided to set everything else aside and focus solely on caring for my family. This new chapter in my life has opened the door to many challenging and beautiful opportunities such as homeschooling and now even managing my own website!

  • Interesting Facts About Me:
    – I am a born again Christian (Currently working on an article about my journey back to Christ.)
    – I have been trained in Six Sigma and participated in a Kaizen Event
    – I was part of a team of Future Problem Solvers in 5th and 6th grade.
    – I grew up with my Grandmother, a lupus survivor. Her courage and strength are a big reason why I strive to live without excuses and put my best effort into everything I do.
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To help cover the costs of keeping my blog running, some of the posts you read may contain affiliate links. That means that if you click on a link that I’ve provided, I may get a small commission from the company at absolutely no cost to you.
I would never recommend anything I have not checked out and love.

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