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Public, Private Or Homeschool? Including Resources and Things To Consider

My Personal Experience

I moved around a lot, different homes, different families, different schools. When I lived with my grandparents in California (early 90s) I went to a Christian private school. The education was on point and very hands on. Small classrooms and engaged teachers added a great foundation to the advanced subjects such as Latin, Spanish, Biblical Studies as well as the proper basic courses. For example, each year had a specific civilization they would focus on in history based subjects, the teachers would host ‘social gatherings’ where the grades would mingle and share our civilization’s customs, history and interests. However, the kids were extremely clique-ish, borderline bullies. I was well liked by everyone but I could see how awful some kids were treated because of their economical or social standing (this was 1st-3rd grade.) Granted this could be true in any school, I’m just noting that it was a heavy influence even among “proper education” as some would put it.

Later on, from 4th – 9th grade I lived in Texas and went to public school. The overall class work was just busy work. The teachers had a god complex and most of the students were small minded and hostile towards outsiders so it took me years (about 3) to make decent friends.
Because of this I focused on school. I got into the accelerated programs and saw how much better of an education those 15-20 (one class) students received while the others were pushed like cattle from grade to grade and fed a low standard education.

Towards the end of 9th grade I moved to Arizona and attended both charter school then an online program.
It was so horrible having to start all over again in a new state that I ended up dropping out. Even the ‘accelerated’ education from the charter school was garbage, leaving me with the impression that it was more important to fill seats than meet students needs or intellectual desires.
I had to sit through lessons I had already learned years prior and though I requested to test out of the grades and/or classes and was denied the opportunity regardless of earning above average grades in every subject, including electives such as Computer Science and basic courses. So I studied at home and received my GED after 10th grade, entered the working class at 16 years old, eventually building a reputable career in the Hospitality and Tourism industry despite theories that job opportunities are limited to those with a GED versus a High school Diploma.

Moral of the Story

Consider your state/location and find a system that works best for your child but most importantly be active in their learning process.
Not having a steady family environment or anyone consistenty involved in my education left me to fend for myself many times. Because of this school was a very miserable experience in my case.

Stick up for your child when they have proven themselves worthy of advancements and recognition (etc.) and support them when they seem to be failing or lacking in one way or another.
Your support will teach them how to believe in themselves, be an example for others and the importance of common sense, life skills and a valued education over simple ‘book smarts’ and good grades from a failed system.

God-focusing Activities for Christian FamiliesThis is the second article in a series of three about the back-to-basics of Christian parenting. Here we explore the different activities that families can engage in that will keep them connected to and centered on Christ.” –cornerstonesforparents.com


I wouldn’t personally subscribe to the idea that a Christian family that attends public school is doing so wrongfully, nor is a homeschooled or private schooled family more rightious in doing so.
It all comes down to where God’s will has placed you. Let’s not forget that apart from our own desires for our children, the Lord as a plan for them as well. However, if your conscience is telling you to strive for one over the other I would recomend you listen to it and balance out their education and biblical studies as a family when needed.

Resources and Things To Consider

Biblical materials for educational and personal/early childhood study
Superbook Show and Onlines Games
Abeka Bible Curriculum
Beginners Bible Show, website and material

Check out your local school options
School choice: what are your options?
10 Tips for Choosing the Best School for Your Child
What School District Are You In? (includes ratings)
Tips and Guidelines For Requesting A School Transfer
3 Samples For Writting a School Transfer Request Letter
How to Appeal a Denied School Transfer

Accredited Online Schooling and Homeschool Curriculum
Abeka Academy (Biblical based enrollment program and curriculum)
My Father’s World (Biblical curriculum for Homschools and Christians Schools)

Extra activities for homeschool/online and public school students
4 Tips for Homeschool Extracurricular Activities
PDF State Laws Concerning Participation of Homeschool Students in Public School Activites (7/26/2019)
Local Boys & Girls Club of America
American Heritage Girls (Biblical based “all-girl structure and outdoor adventure”)
Trail Life USA (All-boy troop program “derived from the Bible and set in the context of outdoor adventure”)
Childrens Music Instructors Near You

Finding Fellowship
Christian Fellowship
Christian Icebreakers (games for families, teens/children)
Connecting to a Community of Christians
How to Build Community in Your Church

Encouragement for Chrsitian Families
My Boring Christian Testimony (Megan Hill 12/31/2014 via Christianity Today)
Parent Testimonies from Ascension Classical School (Shreveport, LA)
15 Christian Graduation Quotes and Sayings
Encouragement for Christian Teachers
Francis Chan Bio (I share this as a statement of how a Christ centered childhood can be hugely important, not to endorse or deny any of Chan’s teachings.)