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Confession: Reflecting On Insight [Including Resources for Study]

Its not just what to confess, its how to confess.

Let me start by saying, I’m no expert. I haven’t spent years earning a Masters in Biblical Doctrine (if there is such a thing) nor have I even been red hot in my faith for more than a year, let alone long enough to be considered a mature Christian…. Are you still there? Anyone?
For the few of you who haven’t unsubscribed, I want to assure you that my walk with Christ is genuine. It is raw in understanding and filled with trial and error, much of which can be witnessed right here.
One of these raw moments is about to unfold.

When God Gently, But Firmly Calls You Out

There have been many Ah Ha! moments the past few weeks. Little did I know the power of dedicating much of your time and devotion to seeking God’s Word with discernment and understanding.
To start, I needed to address the issue of lies. Lies I had believed, lies I had told, lies that hardened my heart and left me unwilling to change. For you it may be something entirely different, pray that He shows you where your heart has led you astray. Mathew 7:7
With prayer and focus on His word, I have come to see that it was not the past that the Lord was pointing out, it was the present. The sins I have to admit to Him, to those I’ve sinned against and myself. With this came the revelation that while praying for His truths to be expressed, I had also asked for humility. I wanted to come before the Lord the way Solomon did in 1 Kings 3:9-15.
Sincerely, humble and without selfish desires.
Well, God answered me. Oh, yes he sure did.
Over time I began to hear Him more and more. My conscious grew stronger and my ability to deny myself carnal (taken from the Greek word sarkikos meaning “fleshly” so as not to be confused with spiritual attacks) desires that had been like a curse on my life.

When Humility Meets Confession

I learned that it isn’t enough to simply go to God and list all the things I felt were wrong. He already knows the what(s), when(s), who(s) and where(s) after all. I learned that when we confess, we are opening up the wound so that He can heal us, truly heal us. No more 12 steps to ‘self care’, no more band-aid solutions that eventually lead to infection and spread into other areas of life.
No. God wants the matter settled, once and for all so that we can move on to the next course in our spiritual growth. This means confronting the matter head on. This means acknowledging the damage of our sin and correcting it.
See, when a child makes a mistake, the first thing we as the parent must do is to ensure that the child knows a mistake was made. We do this by having them acknowledge the problem, maybe even the affect their actions had on others. In doing so, they are not only forced to think through the situation from other perspectives, but they are admitting the action with their lips, giving truth the freedom to reconcile the issue.
When we admit our sins to God we have only begun the confession. We have only just begun the correction and planted the seed of blessings He has in store for us. Next, we must follow through with His purpose. His call to action. Be it simply forgiving ourselves and others, replacing something that was taken, speaking truth were lies where told, the Lord will guide you to know exactly what must be done based on the sin He has called you to focus on.

Accepting The ‘What Ifs’

Please know that I understand all to well that rectifying a wrong does not come easily. Its one thing to sit here and admit that I have struggled, even after my baptism (commonly considered the end of all struggles for us newbies). It is another thing entirely to face the sin before those who have been affected by it. This is were humility sets in, humbles us and sets us free of pride and self-righteousness.
I cling to the truth that God forgives all our sins (1 John 1:9) so we have all been unrighteous in God’s eyes before gaining salvation though Jesus, so why shouldn’t a killer receive the same love from Him as a liar and so forth. The idea of salvation by works and the good outweighs the bad goes against the truth that is Jesus Christ dying for us because we all fall short of the glory of God.
That one thing has kept me very humble since all this started. Life is not fair, true, but that’s not because of God. Its because of Satan, evil spirits and man’s wicked heart. God is fair in his judgement, even if it means some will go to hell while others are awarded grace and enter eternity with Him. God can see the hearts of men in ways we can’t even imagine.
So, what if I anger the person I confess to? What if I create a situation that could have been avoided if only I had ignored the whole thing? What if the relationship falls apart because of this confession?
The list goes on.
But for me personally, all of these can be silenced by one simple ‘what if‘ that carries more weight than all the others… What if I face God knowing I willfully ignored His call to action?
A relationship? What relationship is more important that ours to the Lord?
An angry loved one? How much worse is the wrath of God?
A messy situation? What comfort is there here on earth should you surrender your faith in Him?

I hope this has stirred some insight within you. I pray you seek the Lord daily, asking Him to show you where your sins are and silence any outside power that wishes to torment you with settled matters. God bless you.

Resources that helped me:

The POWER of this TRUTH is Awesome!! (R$E) (video)
The Bait of Satan – Do you WANT your life changed forever? (video)
Derek Prince: The Secrets Of A Prayer Warrior (book)
CARM.ORG/devotion-confession (blog)