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A Little Help Please!

Calling on my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ

Hey everyone,
I’ve been pulling myself away from ‘the world’ more and more these past few weeks. My 40 day fast from social media ended days ago, and yet I still find no real desire to become apart of it all again. For me, it was stressful. Struggling to put on a brave face, hollow smiles and pretend everything was okay when inside I’ve been crying out for truth and understanding, eager to devote all my time to serving the Lord, and please Him.
From Instagram, to Reddit… there is so much filth. Unintentionally, this fasting spilled over into old hobbies, interests and even places I once frequented. Everything in me has changed so much after seeing all the influence temptation had on myself and my family.
Its heart breaking. I know there are some of you who have the strength the look at the ugliness in this world and still hold fast to that calmness before the storm. I try to maintain that same sense of peace, though admittedly I’ve not yet reached the maturity of a Christian who can do that. The love I feel for others is overcome with sadness. A literal aching in my chest. Its painful, overwhelming and baffling.

So, What Advice Do You Have For Those Of Us Struggling?

What verses do you turn to when you need the strength to live in this world without being tormented by it? How have you managed to balance peace and understanding through being reborn? Was your transformation drastic or a slow, day to day revelation of how to walk with Jesus?
I pray that others like me find answers that can bring them comfort and understanding. I pray that you all continue to seek truth with a heart of discernment. May God bless you.