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When God is Silent and Yet Present


Fellowship and Family

Today I want to share a beautiful message brought to us all by my sister-in-law and sister in Christ. This amazing woman has fought battles well beyond my own understanding. From finding the strength to hold her own family together as it was seemingly falling apart, to simultaneously being the rock each of her siblings needed, whether they knew it or not. She is not only a pure woman of God, but a humble example of the courage He can fill us with while we sail straight into the eye of any storm.

From Rituals to Scriptures


Sis, I had to stop for a moment and step back. It dawned on me that just a few months ago my mornings were so empty. Before then it was tarot readings and sagings. Now my table is not only filled with the Bible scriptures but I’m actively studying it! This is surreal. I keep talking about His works in my life right now, I feel like a broken record but I’m so amazed.” – One of my many, many abrupt messages to my sister.

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Wise Words From My Sister

“It’s a powerful moment when we realize our life was meant for God’s purposes. To follow His work and really study it is beyond anything we could ever imagine. To give our love, life, and time to His works and Word is so pleasing to Him and to you as well.

I’m truly, truly proud of you and love to hear how He is working in your life.

It’s honestly a blessing to me, because it continues to prove that God is at work even if He is quiet in my life. Not that He has left me, but while He is working in others lives and also working on something for my life.

Whenever He seems quiet in my life something awesome happens when I hear Him again! And plus it almost feels like He knows I’m on track and is letting me do it. He is always available for help, but knows I will ask when I don’t know what to do.” – Her humbling response.

Comforting Scripture:

Isaiah 57:11Of whom were you worried and fearful when you lied, and did not remember Me nor give Me a thought? Was I not silent even for a long time so you do not fear Me?”

Zephaniah 3:17The Lord your God is in your midst, A victorious warrior He will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in His love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.

More articles on His silence and how to respond:

Have you ever felt His silence? What was happening in your mind, in your life during this time? How did you react?

I would love to hear from you, my lovely readers!

6 thoughts on “When God is Silent and Yet Present

  1. I’m experiencing a lot of this right now actually. I might not have told you, I lost my church about 2 years ago. When I first started going to there, it was a big church and the people loved God and there were services that you wouldn’t believe. The gifts of the Spirit were in operation and we’d have services where the preacher couldn’t preach because the Lord would take over and minister to people, people were healed mentally, physically and spiritually. Needs were met. Stuff that seemed to come straight out of the Book of Acts.

    Well, long story short, people started leaving the church, the church suffered financially. And we lost the building. The Lord blessed and we found another building and more people left and we suffered financially. One more time the Lord blessed and we found another place. There were probably 10 adults and a good bit of kids. But we didn’t have the financial support and the man who owned the building wanted to go up on the rent. So we had to leave.

    I feel guilty for not giving as much to the church as I felt led to. But my wife and I had problems of our own. Not trying to make excuses but a lot came against me. So I feel like the Lord is probably mad at me because I let the church down and I fell into things.

    Sometimes I feel pretty good spiritually and then sometimes I feel alone. I’m nowhere near the Lord as I used to be. And it takes the Lord’s drawing to pull you closer to Him. And I just feel back and forth.

    So I guess this is knowing when God is silent yet present. I just need revival.

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    1. This is an amazing testimony. I’m terribly sorry for the loss of your Church, I can only imagine it feels similar to the loss of a loved one.
      I recently heard a Preacher talking about how God will show us His power, such as with your Church, but He will also step back so that we aren’t prone to take His love and presence for granted, or to see how we act when we don’t feel Him.
      I pray you find a strong congregation again. It’s a beautiful gift.

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      1. I have a good bit of followers on here. But a select handful I would call a support. It’s not like my church but it’s something.

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    2. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. -Romans 8:1
      The first time I noticed The Holy Spirit’s silence, I panicked. Where was the friend that walked with me, cooked with me, told me where my keys were? I asked a friend from church about it and she said those were desert times. In the Bible God’s people venture into the wilderness and withstand temptation. Yet, they always emerge close to God and full of the Holy Spirit.

      I have come to learn that we can quench the Holy Spirit with unconfessed sin or holding grudges against others. We can grieve the Holy Spirit if we are not careful, and his response is to get quiet until we get humble, apologize and begin asking for direction+taking that direction so we are living in God’s will.
      Mathew 6:15,
      1 Thesselonians 5:19, Ephesians 4:30

      Just like we are with our own kids, he loves us and waits patiently through our times of immaturity while looking forward to the days when we will listen to Him and act in our own best interest. These days, when God gets quiet I ask Him to show me anywhere I have unconfessed sin. I focus on my walk with God and I stay calm knowing He never goes away. He will never leave or forsake me. Psalms 94:14, Matthew 28:20
      May Christ’s love keep you,
      Erica D. Shannon

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  2. I love that scripture from Zephaniah. He rejoices over me with shouts of joy. Like, really? Me? Wow!

    Many times God seems silent, but what it really is for me, is that I need to ask and then wait for His response. I mean, yea, He will talk to me when I am not expecting it. But if I feel like He isn’t saying much on a subject, it’s usually because I need to slow down and listen.

    I have a hard time focusing in on His presence. I know He is there, but if I don’t focus on Him, I don’t “feel” Him. That can feel lonely, but all I have to do is reach out. He shows himself.

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