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Man’s worst enemy

Mischievous Words by Marta

A few weeks ago I have wrote a post about how many enemies we carry inside of us. This is some sort of continuance post on that topic.

In moments of dissatisfaction with our own life and destiny, we often seek to blame someone or something for our current state of affairs.

Often, this blame falls on those around us, whether it’s
family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, bosses… Sometimes our country,
politicians, journalists are guilty for our dissatisfaction… And sometimes
our annoyance is caused by the weather or the seasons…

Do you understand in which direction am I going?

We blame everybody for everything. For it is easier to throw
guilt on others than to take fate in their own hands. For how, we the perfect
specimens of the human race, were responsible for our own failure?! How can we
admit that we are not right, and that our…

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