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Homemade Potpourri Bible Lesson

Daily Reminders To Seek Positivity

This activity can be used to teach your children the importance of daily devotionals, speaking kind words to their peers regularly and/or the overall idea that our minds and bodies need to be reminded of positive teachings throughout our lifetime.
We just happened to use this lesson as a way to preach the importance of hearing God’s words and seeking prayer on a regular basis.

Supplies needed:

  • Flower petals
  • Book and tissues or tissue paper
  • Essential Oils
  • Small Container
  • Your favorate bible lessons or positive message

Expect to go over this lesson daily, checking on the potpourri and adding oil as needed. This can become a regular reminder in your home, or a simple lesson stretched over one to two weeks.

Step One: Preparation

  • Gather your choice of flowers, we went with roses from our garden.
  • Wrap the flowers in a tissue and press them between pages of a book, with a few more books or weights on top, so that they dry out in an orderly manner. (This might take a few days.)
  • Once the flowers have dried, gently remove the petals that don’t fall off on their own.
  • Gather them into a small container, we chose to use a glass baby food jar. (If your container has a lid, make sure to put holes on top so that your child can smell the potpourri easily.)

Step Two: Explaining the Lesson Plan

  • You’ll want to be very clear that the petals represent our minds, body and hearts. You can show your child videos online that explain how negative words can cause plants to die or rot, while posititve reminders will help plants to grow. Here is a great video that we chose to use.
  • Next you’ll explain how the essential oils represent the kind words, gossple or positive reminders. Make sure to note that your focus will be on positivity, because we already saw in the video what ugliness can do and we do not want to practice that in our daily life. This helped me emencely when my oldest wanted to know why the oils were ‘kindness’ and couldn’t be used to represent ‘being hateful’ or ‘negative.’

As well, I told her that God doesn’t preach or spread negativity, that He sent His son to die for us so that we may be free from Satan and enternal suffering. The oils we used were a symbol of this overwhelming love that He and Jesus Christ have for us. I told her that while our bodies wither, just as the pedals will, we can still do so ‘in style’ (if you will) by keeping the beauty of God’s words in our life.

  • As you place a few drops of oil on the petals, remember to talk with your little about being kind, positive and even share a bible verse you both will find comforting. Note how the wonderful smell begins to fade after a day or two, this is when you’ll tell them that just as the beautiful smell of the oils has faded from the potpourri, God’s words will fade from our hearts and minds if we don’t seek them out regularly.

Step Three: Teaching Why Positivity Is Important

Now, why is this so important? Why should we work so hard on staying positive in our lives? Why can’t we just ‘go with the flow‘ and live with the ‘yin and yang’ of life? Afterall, there is no light without darkness, no good without evil… right?!
These are great questions, encourage your children to ask these and many more!
You want them to seek out understanding, as it be, children will naturally do this anyway. So it is important that we are there to help guide them as they build the foundation of understanding that will ulitimately be their future for moral basis and boundries in life.
If they aren’t filling that desire with positive messages (like God’s word) then they are undoubtebly going to stumble into some dark teachings, because this world is full of false comforts, like a thousand Pandora’s boxes just waiting to be opened again and again.
These false comforts and ugly truths come to us and our children little by little, disguised as interests, barers of light and happiness. Before you know it, you and your children have become like moths to a flame. Consumed in worldly desires that feed ugly habits, no different than an addiction.
This is why it is so important to fill our hearts, minds and bodies with postive words regularly. To feed that desire, the craving for knowledge, with a healthy, balanced diet of kindness and truth.
Here is a video that I personally found great comfort in, as it perfectly explains how or why someone can lose their way and why I felt the need to share this message with others. (This video might not be appropriate for all children, though mine seemed to enjoy the message.)