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Miscarriage and Dismay

They Say "Tell Me About It" 

But there are no words colorful enough
Closing my eyes desperate to pray away the pain 
Holding onto hope in the midst of this daunting strain
Grasping my stomach, focused on all that aches
Eyes fixed on the bathroom floor
Knowing all that has since been washed away

"Tell me about it"

Saying goodbye when I never knew their name
Struggling to keep quiet while my thoughts scream in vain
I can't keep holding onto this shame
Afraid to be alone while I feel this way 

"Tell me about it" 

God, hold my hand
I'll lay down my burdens 
Wash away the stains

"Tell me about it" 

If there is one thing I could send with you
Please know you are loved 
Even if we never knew you
Even though our dreams fell through
My babies in heaven, Mommy can't wait to meet you

Some Say "Tell Me About It"

But there are no words colorful enough 
So I'll quietly write letters to you, my child
While I pray for rain to wash the pain away


When I can’t find the strength, I turn to my pen and write through whatever is causing the pain.
In this way, God gives me the ability to face my struggles with grace.

Praying for all who know this feeling. <3