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15 Simple Cleaning Hacks

15 Simple Cleaning Hacks For Busy Parents

Easy ways to stay ahead of the chaos and keep your home looking presentable.

One thing we are all familiar with (some of us too well) is how quickly the littlest household tasks can pile up. From keeping up with unused items lying around to finally tackling that laundry pile you have spent the past few days glaring at.
It never fails the moment you finish one thing, there is something else to do.

However, you don’t want to let things get out of hand so much so that you become stressed about the mess and exhausted at the very sight of it all. Trust me, I’ve been there.
The best thing to do if you are already overwhelmed is to think small and keep the cleaning simple.

Here are some of my favorite cleaning hacks that help me take on all those household chores, big or small without losing my sanity, let alone any ambitions to complete everything else going on in my life.

  1. Clean up the bathroom during bath time. I always find myself staring off into space or playing on my phone when my littlest ones are taking their bath. I am pretty much stuck in the bathroom because I have to make sure they are safe in the water, so it just makes sense that I might as well use this time to clean up.
  2. Give your kids a damp microfiber rag for dusting. Microfiber rags are great for dusting, you don’t even need to add any chemicals or cleaners, just dampen a small portion of the rag and create a game (like a scavenger hunt) out of dusting.
  3. Create a space for loose junk. You’ll have to be sure to go through everything in the drawer from time to time, but this is a simple way to keep nick-nacks and odd items out of sight.
  4. Buy organizational supplies at the dollar store. Much like the Marie Kondo method, boxes and small containers make great organisers. I recommend reusing what you already own but if you need something specific go to the dollar store, not just to save money, but also because these shops often have loads of items that can be used for numerous organizational ideas.
  5. Regift unused or unwanted items. Some people aren’t into the idea of regifting, but we don’t mind hand-me-downs and honestly I see nothing wrong with one person making good use of something that was going to waist in my home.
  6. Vacuum at least one room a day. This is a good way to keep a big task, such as cleaning floors, simple. One day at a time, even if it takes you all week to go room to room. *Quick tip: A lightweight vacuum is a great tool for small kids to use when learning how to help clean up.
  7. Use Magic Erasers for quicker clean ups. If you have little ones in the house, you’re probably familiar with the sight of random, strange marks on your walls, furniture and anything else within reaching distance. For quick clean ups I always use Magic Erasers because they are easy to grab and don’t require a lot of scrubbing.
  8. Make time for ‘quality cleaning.’ Whether it’s once a week, twice a month or hardly ever, just be sure you are taking time to complete your own version of the detailed clean-up routine. Mark the date on your calendar and use it as a reminder for future goals.
  9. Toddler friendly toilet seat. These things are a lifesaver! If you have little ones who are potty training or just small butts that need some extra support when using the toilet, I highly recommend installing a new toilet lid that has a built in kid seat. We bought one at Home Depot for about $30 and I never want to go back to cleaning a “potty trainer seat” again.
  10. When in doubt, toss it out. This one is not easy! I am a textbook sentimental hoarder. My husband has literally spent years helping me learn how to let things go. As much as it kills me in the moment, I started living by this rule and I can honestly say that it has changed how I view valuables versus junk.
  11. Speed clean each room before bed. This is quite literally you running through the house in one quick motion, grabbing anything that doesn’t belong and placing it in its designated area. Pick up trash, dirty clothes, random dishes, keep it simple. You’re not doing a load of laundry before bed so don’t worry about how many clothes you found, just put them in a pile and tackle it tomorrow.
  12. Always soak or rinse dishes. Do I need to say more? We have all spent more time than we like to admit scrubbing away at left over food that dried onto one too many dishes. Just. No.
  13. Stick with easy to clean bath toys. I know, it’s so much fun to see your little ones squirt water out of that adorable little pink whale they love so much, but the moment you notice it has started to grow mold inside of it, you’re torn between testing out cleaning methods or simply tossing it. You can do a white vinegar soak or just save yourself the time and stick with toys that don’t need special attention.
  14. Wash smaller loads of laundry. When the laundry becomes a mountain of funky socks and well worn outfits, I like to seperate it into smaller piles. This gives me a better idea of what all is in that pile and quite frankly I’m more apt to complete a load from start to finish if it looks like a few things instead of a mountain.
  15. Get your kids involved. From day one my oldest has been at my side, eager to be involved in whatever I was working on. Kids want to help. They want to feel needed and to know that they are accomplishing something. Why not involve them in the daily routine that is managing a home? Seriously, I’ve yet to see even one reason not to.

So there you have it, my cheat sheet. Anything can be tailored to meet your family’s needs, I hope this gives you a few ideas that can make your cleaning experience a bit more simple and a lot more manageable.

Let me know in the comments below what cleaning hacks you use in your own home!

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