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Our Top 5 Favorite Early Learning Supplies

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Home-School Shopping

One of my favorite things about my kids being early learners is all the super fun Target and Amazon shopping we get to do. Normally, we spend a day building a check list of activities we want to do for the next two weeks or so, then we put together our ideas for supplies needed.
Let me tell you, any Mama who has sat down to make the weekly shopping list knows her families favorites. She knows when to buy the bread, how long she can hold off on buying the milk and before she knows it half the list is already written.
Well the same thing goes for our family when it comes to our ‘school supplies.’ I use this term loosely because half the time it feels more like we are just doing awesome arts and crafts than school work.
So, if you are looking into homeschooling, already well on your way or just wondering what other Mamas are buying on the regular; here are some of our favorites:

CC&Gt (6).pngPaint

We love painting, of course what kid doesn’t? Some of our favorite lessons include experimenting with different color combinations, brushes, textures or canvases.
Even if you are worried about the mess, trust me, it’s worth it! Your littles can learn so much from painting and you will have a seemingly endless supply of gifts for the grandparents and decorative keepsakes for your mom stash. You can even go as far as to sell some of your creations, it’s never to early to teach our children about all the different ways to earn a little cash.

CC&Gt (1).pngFlashcards

Much like everything else on our list of favorites, flash-cards offer a wide variety of learning possibilities from one subject to the next. If you are feeling really creative you can even pull out an old deck of playing cards and turn a game of Go Fish into a lesson on recognizing numbers, letters and shapes. Your littles won’t even know they are learning!

CC&Gt (4).pngOur Daily Work Binder

Now this one is still a working progress, honestly I have a feeling it will never be ‘completed’ though. We have so much fun finding new projects to stuff into our day to day work binder. From free printables I have found online to homemade activities held together with super-glue and scotch-tape, our daily work binder is as much of a collage as it gets in the world of early learners. In our home that is a good thing though. We do our best to cover the main subjects first, knowing our address and phone number, ASL, daily weather and telling time, etc. Then we move onto more fun in other topics such as our five senses, phonics and so on.
It can seem like a lot of work when you are starting a daily binder from scratch so be sure to shop smart. You can get your dividers and paper at the dollar store, but consider spending an extra dollar on a sturdy binder. Remember, this is suppose to be a daily activity, so it is going to be well worn quickly.

CC&Gt (5).pngDry Erase Markers and Boards

Every parent, teacher and student knows about the awesomeness of dry erase markers. Easy to use, easy to clean up, re-usable. Need I say more? 😉

CC&Gt (2).pngWorkbooks 

If you are looking for a way to keep track of your little’s progress in a more structured manner, workbooks are a great tool. Some of them come with a ‘map’ in the back that you can use to literally track how much your child has learned, what they have completed and even areas that need improvement. You can find affordable workbooks at Target, Walmart and even bundles on Amazon. If you really want to step things up you can search the web for some Common Core textbooks and printables.

To help cover the costs of keeping my blog running, some of the posts you read may contain affiliate links. That means that if you click on a link that I’ve provided, I may get a small commission from the company at absolutely no cost to you.
I would never recommend anything I have not checked out and love.


Are you a crafty Mama? A hardworking Homeschooler? What are your favorite items to work with?

Let me know in the comments bellow, thanks for reading everyone!