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Passionate Creator Award

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What is the Passionate Creator Award?

This is an award created by bloggers for bloggers who go above and beyond for their community. These nominees have shown that they not only excel within their own web-page, but also behind the scenes, among their fellow writers. They have proven themselves to be a great asset to everyone around them, a helping hand to those in need and express genuine passion in everything they do. Blogger Award (3)

Rules for the Award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate at least 3 other bloggers who have helped you make your way in the blogging community.
  • List 5 things that made becoming a blogger possible for you and/or anything you would recommend to others.
  • List 5 things you wish you had known before you started that might help others looking to create a web-page.

My Nominees:

As the creator of this award,

I don’t really have anyone to thank for nominating me, but I would like to mention why I decided to make it. I haven’t been apart of the blogger’s club very long as I’ve only just started my site in August of 2018, but right away I felt like I had stumbled on an amazing world of support, creativity and passion. Not just the kind of passion that makes you think dreamy thoughts about all your hopes and desires, but the kind that takes hold of you and tosses all your concentration into the whirlwind of possibilities. _Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession._ Gabrielle Bernstein This is the kind of passion that can not be stopped. It will pursue, it will prevail, this kind of passion will lead into every open door your mind can dream up. As you can tell, I fell in love. I’m not sure if I am just that darn blessed, but I know for sure there was one thing about this place of refuge that needed to be noted, shouted from the rooftops even. The people. I wanted an award that not only recognizes the hard work and beauty of each person’s site, but who they are as a fellow writer and friend to many. It can take a lot of courage to throw all your truths out in the world, the people recognized by this award are the best friends you need there by your side when you can’t seem to find that courage, nevermind the strength to keep writing when the rest of your life has taken hold.

My Answers:

5 things that made becoming a Blogger possible for me.

  • 1. Cate Rosales (Sweet and Simple Life) was a huge help when I was still just trying to learn about the ins and outs of what a Blogger does, and how they do it. Without her Facebook Group Becoming a Blogger I honestly have no idea if I would be as far as I am now.
  •  In addition to Cate’s Facebook Group I also rely heavily on her course Becoming a Blogger.
  •  I am so very grateful for discovering the amazingness of Twitter. #momsquad Twitter has turned out to be a great place for me to network, find other blogs to read and meet tremendously funny or relatable people. #momsquad
  •  A good support system at home. As a busy Mama of three small littles, you can only imagine all the free time I have to sit in front of a computer screen, creating authentic, quality content for the world to see. Let alone respond to emails, take photos and all that beautifully challenging aspects of running a successful website. I’ll forever be grateful to have my supportive husband and a team of family and friends that lend an extra hand at home so that I can make this dream, and many others happen.
  •  Coffee. I am not kidding. This site lives up to its name, caffeine gets the gears going, chaos feeds the fire and grace molds it all into something I can be proud to share with the world. Coffee is a must. 

5 things I wish I had known before I started.

  •  Don’t rush into the game! Take your time creating your site. It is very exciting, I am sure you can not wait to start seeing results, as was I. However, like many times before, I jumped the gun and had to make some major adjustments later on. Even within regards to my financial choices when I had first started.
  •  Have a game plan. I knew my target audience, I knew my style as a writer for years, but I seriously under estimated the need for a plan. A lot of things can flow naturally, be learned as you go or even be changed later, but its best to have a visual to change than nothing at all.
  •  Don’t be afraid to reach out to others. As a shy, introverted person I often find myself waiting around for something to come my way. Same goes for my attitude when I first broke into the world of Blogging. I was terrified to overstep some unwritten rule of how to properly approach other writers…. yes, completely insane I know… but if you find yourself afraid to stick your hand out there and make a request for a Guest Post or a Sponsorship, just know you aren’t the only one. 😉
  •  Spending a little bit of money can help you make money. Yes, it’s true. I really am not a fan of spending money to make it but I can’t deny that a few bucks here and there came back around in the most pleasant of ways. Set a small, affordable budget aside for your web-page. Let it grow as needed.
  •  Speak your mind! This is your home, your castle, your domain! OWN IT.  Your people will come, you will build a group of loyal, quality readers who understand you and help you grow. The haters are not your audience so pay them no mind. You are your own boss, don’t be afraid to show it.Growing with Courage, Strength & Faith

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