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To My Chicken, Whom I Prayed So Hard For: Guest Post

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I recently came across Casi’s blog,

But it didn’t take more than a second and I was in love with her articles. Casi has a beautiful way of painting with words. Her articles are a little off the beaten path of your average parenting blog, in the best possible way!
I cannot wait for you all to read her post bellow, please make sure you check out other works by Casi at Mom of three and a Fire Wife.


To My Chicken, Whom I Prayed So Hard For

Guest Post by Casi Mott of Mom of three and a Fire Wife

“There is nothing as powerful as mother’s love, and nothing as healing as a child’s soul.”

td  All my life I knew I wanted to be a mom (some years were questionable), but I knew I wanted children. I was 21 when my oldest was born and he was the light of my life. He made my world complete and I knew he was what I needed at that moment in my life. After I got married and we had our second son, I thought ‘surely I couldn’t love another child like I love these two boys.’
When I found out I was pregnant with our third baby, I prayed and prayed every single day that it was a girl. I wanted a daughter more than I ever imagined and that day that we learned she was a girl, I just cried. I could not believe it. I will never forget the tears streaming down my cheeks as the ultrasound tech typed “it’s a girl” on the screen. I will never forget saying to my husband “it’s a girl, we are having a girl…” in total disbelief while lying on the bed looking at this tiny little baby on the tv screen. My favorite moment was when we walked out of the doctor’s office into the hallway, I jumped up and down saying “it’s a girl! We are having a daughter!” as my husband hugged me. God had answered my prayer and he was giving me more than I could have asked for. I was going to have a daughter. A little best friend that I could do all the things with, someone to share my secrets with and pass on all my girly traditions with.
I love my boys to the end of the earth and the bond we have is so special. The love I have for them is endless and unbreakable. The bond with my daughter is so different than what it is with my boys. From the second we learned she was a girl, my life changed.
I immediately began to envision all of the things I did with my mom growing up, that I would be able to do with my daughter. I am one of three daughters that my mom was blessed with and growing up, we fought as sisters do but we also went shopping together and had weekly lunches together and endless girl talk sessions. Our family has always been so close.
My daughter is only 17 months old but she is already my little best friend. I love her in ways that I never knew existed. I tell her almost daily, ‘you’ll never know how much mommy prayed for you and how you exceeded my expectations’. She is so sassy, determined and independent. Yet she is also so sweet, loving and careful all in the same breath. She is already stronger than her brothers and she will play in the mud with the best of them. [Trust me- we are building a house and she’s dirty on the daily]. She loves to wrestle and wrap her babies up in her blanket before rocking them. She is so sweet and kind and she brightens up my day; every day. She is not a super lovey girl that gives hugs and kisses but every single night she has to fall asleep on my chest.
I could have never dreamt the love that I have for my children and I pray every single day that they grow up to be strong and kind humans. Most days are completely exhausting, but then you get those good days in between. The ones where your boys don’t fight and no one has a meltdown. Those are the days I live for. Those are the days I fight for and that keep me going.
For my daughter, I hope you are so strong, kind, loving and you set the world on fire because you are a force to be had. You are already my hero and I will always be your biggest fan. I will support you throughout your entire life and I will always pick you up when you fall. I will do my best to make this world a place where you do not have to have secrets and you can be who you are without fear. I pray you will have the confidence to stand tall and to be brave always. I will do my best to prevent heartache but it is inevitable so I will be ready to wipe your tears if it happens. I love you more than words can describe little chicken and I am so incredibly proud to be your momma.
For all you mommas with daughters, love them and teach them well. Teach them to be brave and to lift other girls up. Teach them equality and confidence. Above all, teach them to love. Love everyone regardless of anything because at the end of the day, love wins. It will always win.