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An Open Letter to My Daughter's First Love: Guest Post

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If there is one thing I can say about Loretta…

From day one she has been a joy to know and an inspiration to my own personal “blogging Mama” journey. It’s super cheesy, but it feels like she just gets it. She understands the struggles of being an anxious parent, the importance of being open about it and how to inspire others to find their courage to speak. If you haven’t visited her site, MessyMama18, be sure that you do.
You can tell from her article bellow that she is an honest writer, a breath of fresh air even.

An Open Letter to My Daughter’s First Love:

Guest Post by Loretta Roddy of Messy Mama

Writing this letter as my adorable little baby girl shakes her pink elephant rattle, I am not yet fully prepared for the woman she may someday become. For you, I hope I can raise her to be kind, compassionate, selfless, and open minded. I hope she welcomes your love with her arms wide. Hopefully, she’ll set your soul on fire. I hope she becomes the kind of girl you think you can’t live without. Yes, the idea scares me, but someday you will be important to her. So, you will be important to me too, and that is why you need to know. You need to know that I am not yet ready to imagine the type of girl she will be when she falls for you. I am not ready to think of a time beyond baby giggles, a drooling face, and messy diapers. No, I am not ready to discuss what type of girl she may grow up to be. What you need to know the most, however, is that I am beyond ready for you.
She’ll see you, maybe in her homeroom class, perhaps swinging on the playground swings or maybe you’ll catch her eye at her best friend’s birthday party. Maybe, she’ll meet you through an acquaintance and she’ll never feel the same again. How ever you come into her life, just know I am prepared for you. I am fully prepared for what type of person you may be and my warning to you is this; tread lightly. Her father will not be the person you will need to be afraid of; It will be me.
I am prepared for you, because I have met you. I have met you in every situation, in every lesson learned, and in every life. There is no experience that I have endured that has not prepared me for who ever you will be and however you treat my little girl. I am a woman of unfortunate circumstances. I have built a foundation from past tribulations, and I am held together by scars. Scars left behind from dark battles. I have won some of these battles and I was defeated in others. In the end, I overcame them all and now I am ready for you.
iKHon28TI am ready to be my daughters biggest advocate and her greatest defender. With every ounce of love in my heart, I will do my best to make sure she won’t need to bury the same stories. She won’t have to fight through the chaos in her mind. Hopefully, she will build her confidence, her strength and her courage from the love and support that is openly given to her from me and from her father.
Hopefully, she will have the confidence to love her self enough that she will know when to walk away. I hope that she will understand any mistreatment directed towards her will say more about you than it ever will her. I hope she has the strength to love herself enough to know she is worth it, and you will never make her feel differently. Hopefully, she will learn the courage to stick up for herself when you don’t, and I hope she knows she won’t need you to feel complete. It will be my responsibility to make sure she is aware of this before she meets you.
As much as I want to however, I cannot prevent every heart ache and every disappointment. I am doing my best to understand that, but my daughter has a weapon. She has something that I never had which will make her so much stronger. My daughter has me, her mother. A mother who has seen and done it all, a mother who has been to hell and back, and a mother who will do anything to protect her. There is nothing that I won’t do for her. Are you ready for that?
Maybe she’ll find something real with you. Maybe you’ll have intense fights, slam doors, and cry tears. Maybe you two will teach each other about love, build lasting memories, and have days full of fun and laughter. Maybe your relationship will be typical, and I can breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe the only thing I’ll have to worry about is her sneaking away to your house and spending the night without asking. Maybe she’ll sit next to you at lunch or stay up late at night talking to you on the phone. I’ll take the eye rolls when I tell her she needs to keep her door open. Hopefully, you’ll get nervous at our first dinner together and we’ll make friends with your family. Maybe you’ll be her first and only love. Maybe you’ll slip away and break her heart. Maybe, she’ll break yours. Either way, I’ll be prepared for that too.