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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello October,

Waking up sick on a day when I had just tackled one of the roughest weeks I have faced in a long time is certainly not how I imagined starting out the month of October, my birth month and the beginning of my favorite time of the year (for the weather of course.) However, that is exactly what happened today.
Little did I know how awesome a day it would turn out to be, regardless of my runny nose, sore throat and loss of voice.

Thank you Messy Mama for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award

So what is the Sunshine Blogger Award? 


Nominated by messymama18.com

I think it is best said by Coleman Concierge who stated, “We dug deeper and found this ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.’ This description resonated with us because we love those aspects of blogging, especially the community. The Sunshine Blogger Award has given us a chance to share, recognize, and learn more about so many fabulous bloggers.”
With that said, you can only imagine my excitement when one of my favorite fellow Mama Bloggers (#momsquad) nominated me along with some other amazing writers. (Please be sure to check out her post linked above and give these other bloggers a read!)
Rules for the Award:
– Thank the writer who nominated you and link back to their Sunshine Blogger Award post within your response.
– Answer the eleven questions they have asked you.
– Nominate at least eleven other new bloggers and ask them eleven new questions.
– List the rules and Sunshine Blogger Award on your post.

The questions I was asked:

– Who inspires you the most?
It’s a little cheesy, but I have to say honestly, my family is my biggest inspiration. Before my children were born I had hit a very dull point in my life. I was just floating by, granted I was enjoying the ride with my husband, but it all felt very pointless.
Since we started having children, I have been pushed to not only be the best version of myself I can be, but to be a provider for another person. Nothing to me is more inspiring to me than to know that someone depends on you entirely and looks up to you at the same time.
– Why did you start blogging?
I had spent several years trying find an way to provide for my family that didn’t take me away from them as much as a nine to five, forty hours a week typical job would do. Little did I know that my experiment with blogging would shoot me into a world of overwhelming support and love from other writers. I started blogging as a way to make an income, but I chose to stay because of the community and the joy I felt by writing.
– What is the greatest advice you have ever received?
I have received loads of advice over the years, both wanted or needed and unwanted. I have to say that my favorite or greatest would be this…
“While it’s a great act of kindness to give to others you need to keep your own family in mind. Never ever give more than your family, specifically your own children, can afford to go without because when we give to others we shouldn’t be expecting anything in return.”
As someone who is quick to react without much thought anytime a person comes to me with a problem, this advice conflicted with my instincts for a long time. I struggled with the balancing act of how to give without taking from someone else, in this case my own family. Ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that no loving mother would put anyone over her own children, however if my kids chose to make the sacrifice, then I am happy to assist them.
– What motives you to write?
I tend to be an overly passionate person. My feelings often take lead in my decision making, some call it “listening to your heart.” When I write, I get a great sense of relief from all these emotions that flood my mind and soul on a regular basis. I need to get the words out, whether they are shared or not. Without writing I quickly start to feel overwhelmed with my own thoughts and eventually anxiety creeps in. So, you could say that the need to feel relaxed is what really motives me to get up, grab a pen or start typing on my keyboard.
– What do you do for self-care?
Depending on the type self-care in question, I would have to say the biggest overall self-care tactic for myself would be to surround myself with music every once in a while. Whether I just need a moment to myself, or am visiting family and friends you can bet there is probably going to be music involved. Just like writing, it is very relaxing and goes with just about anything self-care related.
– If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
At the risk of sounding controversial, I would like to see more support for parents who find themselves facing the challenge of losing their children in custody battles. While my research on the topic is still in development, the number of parents (especially fathers) who are faced with this heartbreaking reality is staggering. You would think that if a child’s biological parent is not only willing to, but fully capable to properly support that child that there would be no question in regards to letting said parent take full custody. However, there are cases spreading all over the United State that show many children are being torn from their biological families, often the reason is as corrupt as the act itself.
– What is the best work you have ever written?
To date, as shown by my reader’s responses, I would have to say that my post about asking for help from a loved one after spending several years struggling to make it on our own was my best work.
Starting Over After Struggling
– Who is your hero?
My husband, hands down without question. He is my wonderful, beautiful, supportive, aggravatingly inspiring life partner. Just like many couples before us, we have been through some dark times but I can’t imagine going through those life changing events with anyone else. He has taken the time to learn what makes me tick, how to push me to be better and when to fall back to catch me as I fall into failure.
– How long have you been blogging?
My blogging journey started August 14, 2018 which is about two months to date.
– What is your favorite vacation/getaway?
I love going to Texas. I lived there for the majority of my teen years and while those were some of the hardest times for me, I feel a strange serenity each time I find myself in the lone star state, almost as if my current happiness is washing away the pain of past experiences.
– If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
I would love to visit the Irish coastlines. I don’t know if its my Scotch-Irish bloodline or the fact that I am obsessed with rain, but I have always been drawn to places with lots of rainy weather. Being born in Ventura, California adds a deep connection to the beach and a respect for the ocean, Ireland seems to fulfill both the love of rain and the sight of the sea for me.
Thank you for being you

I nominate:

Your Eleven Questions:


  • If you could change one thing about your life right now what would it be?
  • What motivates you to keep going when you want to give up?
  • Who has been your biggest supporter?
  • What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
  • Does your family sit down at the table to eat dinner together?
  • What is a taboo blog topic for you?
  • What has been your most popular blog post?
  • What is your favorite post you have written?
  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • Do you collect anything?
  • What is your favorite childhood memory?Congratulations, I look forward to hearing from all of you! <3