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Five Tips for Teaching Your Little Ones to Help Others

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Raising Caring Kids

The past month I have not only taught my girls the meaning of being a helping hand, but I have also learned a lot about my daughters’ ability to have genuine compassion for others.
So what did we do? Or better yet….What can you and your little ones do?

ONE: Don’t overthink it!
We made it a point to reconnect with people that we haven’t reached out to in awhile. For instance, after catching up with one of my brother-in-laws we learned that he recently went through surgery for a hernia. Ouch!
Now, if you too are a being a busy Mama on the go (with multiple littles at that) your first thought may be, “How in the heck can I really be of any help for something like that when I’m going to be chasing babies the whole time?!”
Here are some simple solutions:
– Drop off a meal
– Offer to run a quick errand
– Create a custom ‘get well basket’
Just be sure to let them know you are thinking of them! 
Even if they refuse to accept any help, make it a point that you are going to do something, so if they want Coke or Pepsi with their take out they better tell you now! (Yes, that happened…) 
Not only was my brother-in-law’s spirit lifted, but my girls were really happy to know their uncle was alright after the surgery and they got to do something to make him feel better.
TWO: Teach your little one to feel the other person’s situation as if it was their own.
Get eye to eye with them while you explain what struggles someone else is facing. This is key to not only grabbing their attention but also making them feel what someone is going through. You are painting a picture to get their little minds going so that they can help create ways to make someone else’s day, solve their issue or simply bring them some comfort.  fhm
THREE: Scavenger Hunt.
If there is something I need to get my girls interested in I know all I have to do is make it a game. One way to turn helping others into a game is to make them look for those in need. This gets them thinking of the world with new eyes. What used to be nothing more than an unsightly lawn is now an opportunity. Not only for them to gain points in their hunt but a chance to help someone. (Granted we don’t really keep track and the points mean nothing… but they don’t know that!) All they know is they reached a new level and made someone else happy!
FOUR: Teach them that kindness doesn’t need recognition.
You probably want to make sure your kids learn that helping others is not all about gaining recognition. This shows them that they should do things regardless if anyone will even know who stepped up to help, because it was simply the right thing to do.
Easy ways to do this:
– Placing a heartwarming note on someone’s windshield
– Leave a really nice tip when you dine out and a thank you note for your waiter
– Donate clothes and toys to locals in need
FIVE: Teach them that hard work is worth it.
Sometimes helping others is not going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean we should give up! Take time to practice hard work with your kids each day so that they become used to the idea of putting effort into something even when the task seems daunting. yj
Ask your kids to help you with the household chores and thank them by explaining that you really appreciate them being apart of something even though it wasn’t what they really wanted to do. Let them know you enjoyed the time spent together and they helped to make chore time fun.
I hope this has inspired you to look for new ways to show your kids that being a helping hand is always worth it!
If you have any ideas or experience teaching your littles about helping others please feel free to share them in the comments bellow!
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