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A Creative Way to Send Unique Letters to Loved Ones Living Out of State

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Staying in touch with family

Having lots of family living out of state means that we have to stay on our toes to create new, exciting ways of sending them lots of love. From twenty-five cent postcards to homemade letters and painted mugs, we try to keep in touch in one tangible way or another.
cover state to state

Four simple steps to create a homemade letter

What you will need:
Washable paint for kids
White printer paper
Easily removable tape 
What to do:
1. Start by getting your desired states printed and cut out. You can find and easy printable here or trace over a map with wax paper to get your cutouts.

2. Take the states you cut out and tape them onto the center of your letter by hiding folding the tape over and sticking it to the back of the cutout so it doesn’t show. Be sure to tape over a few places on your paper to give you a clear place to write on. Now your little one can start painting!

3. Before you remove your states take a regular sharpie or marker and trace out the details of the states. If needed add a thin layer of white paint just as a border for the area you are going to outline. This will give the image depth and make the state pop out.
TIP: Save your cutouts as you can use them for other letters. Simply glue or tape them onto paper that has already been painted.

4. Now that all the paint is dry you are going to slowly and carefully remove all the tape and write your desired note to your loved one. We chose to go with, “Sending you lots of love from (insert home state) to (loved ones current state)” as this was the theme of our letter.
That’s it!! You are all done.
Let me know how this worked for you and your littles in the comments bellow!

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