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Teething Baby? No Worries! This Mama Knows How to Combat Teething Pain

Are you a crunchy Mama struggling to find an organic teething method for your little one? Look no further! I have been using this trick on my littles for years. Its super easy, very effective and so far all three of my girls have loved it! 41392599_350669382142109_3955394627388833792_n
So what is my secret? 
Really, its not much of a secret at all!
A study done in 2015 showed that lavender oil works as an anti-inflammatory and as you can imagine a huge part of the pain and discomfort for a teething baby is because new teeth are literally breaking through their gums causing inflammation and discomfort.
Another study from 2013 stated that “the use of lavender essential oil caused statistically significant reduction in daily use of acetaminophen…” in children who had received a tonsillectomy.
So I did my research and discovered how I can save money and avoid risks from over the counter teething gels. Let me tell you its been a life saver for us!
Here is what you need:
Carrier or Base oil (Coconut, Almond Oil, etc.)
Lavender oil
Toothbrush (or teething rag)
This is what I do:
I take a dime sized amount of the almond oil in the palm of my hand and mix it with one to two drops of the lavender oil. You need the base oil to dilute the lavender.
Then I take the toothbrush after rubbing the oil onto the bristles and massage my baby’s gums very generously. However, I have also just rubbed the oil straight onto her teeth with my finger for quick, late night relief.

That’s it!
Like I said super easy.
Quick tip: Break out the bibs and burp rags because this trick will make your little one drool… a lot! The lavender oil acts as a natural numbing agent.
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