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It Ended With Brimming: My PPD Recovery

Some real truth in this one!!


As in all things mental health, there isn’t one set course of treatment that works as a “cure” for postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety. Each person is different, each case unique to the person, the circumstances, the degree of severity, and the ability to continually access care.

For some, medication is the most effective in eliminating symptoms. For others, talk therapy is more effective.

Ideally, we would all get a combination of talk-therapy, carefully monitored medication, an increase in social supports, and decrease in life stressors.

For me, I didn’t start to recover until I saw just how stark it had all become. 

Back To The Doctor 

Because I truly had no clue at the time that I was suffering from diagnosable postpartum depression, I didn’t seek traditional therapeutic treatment. I didn’t know I needed to!

But I did go to the doctor about a year in for my general…

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