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5 Tricks to Have the Best Movie Night with Your Family

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Are your kids fighting you every step of the way before bed?

One of my favorite ways to pull my kids out of our stale nighttime routine is to throw a random movie night. I don’t care if you are eight months old or thirty-two years old, you are going love the feel of a stay-in movie night!
movienightSo what do you need to have the best movie night at home?
Really, not a whole lot!
Your kids are going to love spending time with you, even if they have seen the night’s feature presentation a million times before.

Movie Night Check-list:
Get psyched! 
Prep your kids, have them help with some of the planning, this way you get them focused on the goal, getting excited for bedtime and eventually falling asleep. You know your kids better than anyone so think about what parts of planning would best work for your family. In ours I know my oldest loves to create picnic areas, so I would ask her to help by setting up the blankets and snacks how ever she wants.
One trick my husband and I love is to pull from the bottom shelf, grabbing an all time classic that brings the joy of our own childhood memories to our littles.
Some of our favorite classic films include:
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Hocus Pocus
A Bug’s Life
Oliver and Company
No movie is complete without a few favorite munchies to enjoy during the show. Of course popcorn is a go-to choice, but if you aren’t a popcorn fan you can always mix it up with some sweets, be it soda, candy, ice cream, cake, etc. If you are really feeling it break out the old TV trays and make it a dinner and a show!
Party favors.
This one can be so much fun for your littles, (but I wouldn’t recommend it for a movie you hope to completely focus on.) The idea is to get items that go along with the movie. If you are watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for instance,  you might buy some TMNT costumes or break out your old collection of action figures and let the kids act out the movie.
 Last but not least get comfy.
Everyone needs load up on the couch with their favorite blanket, pillow, plushy toy and PJs. Snuggle up and bond with your littles, before you know it they will be falling asleep in you arms just like the good ‘ole days! (I mean, we hope so that is!)

That’s it!
A quick, simple and long lasting memory in your child’s life is just around the corner… what are you waiting for?! Go have some fun Mamas!
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