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Finding ways to focus on your blog?

All great advice!! I find myself using these same ideas to create content for my page as well!


One of your goals is to outline a blog post, within a few hours it is still incomplete? Your despite and your intention and effort were pure to complete that a hand? You are finding yourself off task again and again?

It seems like staying focus was harder than you think. Having the focus for a purpose, it definitely makes it so much easier.

When you are new blogger, sometime you are bombarded with so many emails from other bloggers, even Facebook groups, family and learning what the work requirements are.

Blogging can be tough some time, but you can definitely be getting the job done. You are learning so many new skills that take time to master.

These skills definitely take time to understand because you are learning everything knew all at once. So many factors that could distract you from writing wonderful content.

And creating your WordPress website…

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