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Our Bodies After Baby

Messy Mama

It’s amazing how much your body changes during and after pregnancy. I had heard all the hype about these changes, but I did not take them too seriously, after all, the media has set an unrealistic vision of how our bodies can and should look after baby. Bouncing back is the hot topic post baby. It’s in all the magazines and Instagram posts. “Look how amazing her body looks after baby.” I figured if all of these women could do it than how hard could it possibly be.
News flash: It’s fricken hard!
I had been an avid runner before baby. Imagine my excitement when I learned I could continue to run through out my pregnancy. That was my strategy, keep up my running during pregnancy and “bouncing back” would be no sweat after baby. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


Realistically, this was unattainable. Every woman is different when it comes to…

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