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Preschool Math Lesson: Lego Edition

Here is how I got my four year old interested in learning about numbers and math…

If your kids are anything like mine, you are probably constantly searching for ways to keep them entertained and engaged during serious lesson time. You know, the ones that require complete focus in order to really grasp what is going on. With two very hyperactive littles I can’t risk opening a plain worksheet for fear they will run off screaming or die instantly of boredom, or so they make it seem. 

Starting out I took a step back to see what they seemed most lured by during school time, quickly noticing they loved learning with toys, lots of color and dry erase boards/markers. Then I went to Target to get us all the needed supplies… and as a bonus I found a dry erase spin wheel! (You can substitute the spin wheel for a whiteboard.)

  • Here is a link to a page all about Addition Verbiage.
  • If you use the spin wheel approach simply have your child turn the arrow to which part of the problem you want them to focus on. This trick works great to help my daughter stay on track.


  1. We opened the flash cards, taking our time to decide which problem we wanted to start on. Tip: I’ve learned with my daughter the more opportunities I give her to make a choice, the more likely she is to enjoy schoolwork. 
  2. Have your child count out how many legos they need for each addend (2+2) as you write down the equation on your spin wheel/whiteboard. Tip: Make sure they count out “One…two” for the first part of the equation and again “One…two” for the second half, we don’t want them to focus on the sum right now. 
  3.  Now that we have our equation on the board and our legos laid out, we want them to count the total number of legos on the board. Sound out with them as they count aloud, especially for bigger equations like 10+4. Now they can see that these two legos on the left side of the board, plus the two on the right side, come together to make four legos total!
  4. This is when I write the number four on the spin wheel/white board and she writes it on the flash card. Tip: I feel it is important for early learners to see how the number is written as well as where to place the sum in an actual equation. The more my daughter sees and does something, the quicker it makes sense to her! canva-photo-editor (2)
    Tweak this idea as needed to fit your child’s learning style.
    Above all… Have fun with it! Kids learn best when they are engaging in play and enjoying themselves.

I hope this helps you and your littles come together during lesson time. Let me know how this might or might not work for you in the comments below.