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Using Flash Cards to Learn How to Draw

After many failed attempts to try and answer my daughters questions about how to draw this or that, I was slowly starting to feel like years spent in art class had slipped my mind. I didn’t want to simply sit down and do it for her, or have her copy how I drew something, I wanted her to find her own path and expand on it! 
One morning while going over our flashcards it dawned on me that my two year old was sitting at the table, looking at the cards with us and scribbling on scrap paper, as if she was trying her best to recreate the Sun, Unicorn, and Tomato instead of the letter on the flash card like my four year and I usually do.
Here is how I got my four year old to sit down and focus her mind on learning to draw.
-Flash cards
-Colors (markers, crayons, pencils, etc.)
-Construction or printer paper
What to do:
I created a pile of pictures that were easy enough for beginners and then had my daughter choose a few cards from that pile. We laid them out where she could clearly see them to reference the image as needed. When she needed help, “Mama how do I draw this part?” I simply took my hands or scrap paper and covered as much as the image as I could to help her focus on the part she wanted to work on. If she still struggled with how to get her “hands to make it” we took our finger and practiced tracing over the image until she was comfortable enough to pick her marker back up and try again. After a few moments I was able to pretty much walk away, even tend to some chores and my eight month old.
These cards can be found almost anywhere that sells kids art and school supplies. I bought mine at Target. At the time they were in the Bullseye’s Playground section for $1 each. I highly recommend this dollar spot at Target if you are just starting your Homeschool shopping or looking to save as much as possible all around.
Good luck mamas!