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Anthropology Course Assignment

This post is about an assignment that stuck with me years after the class ended. I understand the whole topic of Vaccines is a hot one, and certainly not one you would expect to come up in an a class named ‘Anthropology.’ However, leave it to me to find a way to make that happen! Thanks to one of my many faults, I tried to write about several other issues but each one that called to me was more controversial than the next. At the end of the day I decided to stick to my guns, be myself and write about what triggers my passions. Something I would highly recommend to others as well. Even if it leaves your Professor puzzled and a little irritated.

WARNING: Take this one with a deep breath and a moment to reflect, I always encourage people to do their own research and make educated conclusions.
Assignment: Current Events Essay
October 25th, 2016



The CDC is both a PR agency for, and a buyer from, Big Pharma

Jon Rappoport | Infowars.com – OCTOBER 24, 2016

In this article we learn that William Thompson, a long time researcher for the Center for Disease Control admitted to submitting false data about vaccine safety and even hiding facts of vaccine risks such as autistic issues in some children as a result of the MMR vaccination.
I found this article interesting because a major topic in this course is the fact that as a culture Americans seem to have an ever declining health issue. For instance, we have the dangers of fast food and overall poor diets spreading throughout the nation, causing weak immune systems and life threatening diseases like diabetes. Now throw in the fact that not all vaccines are truthfully advertised (Gardasil for instance, which had major risks that were intentionally ignored to profit those involved in its manufacturing and distributing) and you realize that the medical scientific research industry and even Center for Disease Control [CDC] is not always putting the human population at the top of its interests.
As stated in another article published in 2013 on foodsafetynews.com…

“[The] CDC estimates at least two million illnesses come from an antibiotic-resistant infection every year, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) reports that 22 percent of these are linked to the foodborne pathogens.”

That is four hundred and forty thousand strands of disease causing bacteria in our food animals alone. None of which can be treated with antibiotics.
This means that much of the food we are eating is not only not nutritional to our bodies but also harmful to our immune system and even spreading diseases that have no antibiotics to counterbalance the negative effects.  This leaves us to wonder what they are really doing over at the CDC if issues like this have been around for decades (some of the first research being found on the bacteria in food animals started in 1973). More currently, we see that men like Michael R. Taylor (someone who is known for jumping from the Center for Risk Management to Monsanto and now sits  at the top of the US Food and and Drug Administration as Deputy and Commissioner) are aware these facts and yet we still have an ever growing decline in the nutritional value and overall safety of our mainstream food source and agricultural products.
This is not to say that all vaccines are harmful, but when did it become okay for the same companies profiting from the vaccines manufacturing and distribution to be the ones doing the research on the safety of said vaccinations, and why is it that those formerly in charge companies known to be a major factor in our declining food industry are also those in charge of regulating food safety. With a pattern like this recurring all over our nation, who are we to trust and where are we really headed as a culture?